Manufacturers of industrial filters

Industriefabrik Schneider GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial filters in the welded design. We have many years of experience in the manufacturing of basket strainers and sieve inserts. On our website you will find different types and versions of our product range. 

Take the opportunity as a sales partner of the Industriefabrik to distribute to your customers our quality products "Made in Germany". Different companies and partners are now using the opportunity to distribute our filters under their own name. Ask about the requirements for this.

manufacturer  and supplier of industrial filters

If you are interested to sell our products on the protected territory or to discuss the possibilities of cooperation in your region, please contact Mr. Daan Peer Schneider (eng.) or simply send your inquiry to the Industriefabrik Schneider.

We will immediately contact you.


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Industriefabrik: Distribution areas of Industrial type strainers

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