Basket type strainer

Basket type strainers of IFS Industriefabrik Schneider are tasked to clean liquid, viscous and gaseous media.

Basket type strainers of the Type SKF are available in welded construction. Body: steel P235GH (1.0345, St35.8) / stainless steel 1.4571 (pickled, passivated), filter element / support cage made of stainless steel 1.4401, flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1/01, vent socket in the cap, drain socket in the dished end.

Depending on customer requirements, the basket type strainers can be equipped extensively. These include heating jackets made of stainless steel, different surface coatings and paints according to industry standard RAL. Other equipment and versions available:

  • Butt welding ends
  • Pedestals
  • Differential pressure displays (pressure gauge)
  • Lid-lifting and swivel devices
  • Quick locks
  • Burst discs
  • Different mesh sizes (from 50 µm)
  • Special materials
  • Strainer and connection according to ANSI
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  • hochdruckfilter stahl skf h
  • siebkorbfilter geschweisst industriefabrik
  • siebkorbfilter hersteller serienproduktion
  • Druck- und Festigkeitsprüfung von Hochdruckfilter Typ SKF-H mit TÜV-Abnahme
  • Die Industriefabrik ist Schweißfachbetrieb nach DIN ISO3834-3 und Fertigung nach AD2000 97/23/EG - CE00 45
  • Serienproduktion von Siebkorbfiltern Typ SKF DN80 ... DN450

Basket type strainers of the Industriefabrik