Special strainers

In addition to our standard basket strainers, the Industriefabrik Schneider also manufactures customized special strainers. Our previously produced special filters include:

  • Basket strainers for district heating networks
  • Disk/Edge gap strainers with ion exchangers
  • Specialized filters for tank trucks with milk pipe connection
  • High-temperature oil filters
  • Magnetic cylinders for filter elements
  • Simplex corner strainer 90°
  • Closure systems for industrial strainers
  • Special approvals and certificates


Heating jackets / duplex jacket for basket strainers

Special applications require the right temperature of strainers. Most frequent applications of heating (steam) jackets / heating sleeves are in systems with media solidified irreversibly during cooling processes that strainers, valves and pipes become unusable. Industriefabrik Schneider has many years of experience in manufacturing heated fittings such as basket strainers, Y-strainers, ball valves and other valves.

Systems with toxic and hazardous substances are subject to strict safety regulations. Defects and wear-related leaks can never be excluded in a system. In order to ensure in case of leaks that toxic and hazardous substances do not get into the environment, we equip strainers and industrial fittings with a duplex jacket / leakage jacket.

  • Connection: flanges or butt weld ends
  • Heating / steam jacket: welded stainless steel
  • Duplex jacket: welded stainless steel
  • Optional equipped with sensor to detect emerging leakages
  • Design according to Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC
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Special strainers of the Industriefabrik