Filter elements / screens / fine sieves

Industriefabrik Schneider manufactures a variety of industrial strainers and filter elements. They filtrate and purify gaseous, liquid / viscous media or protect fittings and equipment from unwanted particles.

Due to the various design versions our filter elements and sieves are manufactured according to customer requirements.

  • Individually designed
  • Nominal diameter: DN50 – DN500, others on request
  • Perforated metal plate / wire mesh: stainless steel 1.4301 / 1.4571
  • Mesh width: fine sieves from 50 µm
  • Spare sieves & Replacement screens for basket / duplex type strainers, mud flap and Y-type strainers
  • Areas of application: water, gases, oils, steamf


Conical strainers / Temporary strainers

Hat type screens Type H / Protective strainers Type S

Conical strainers (hat type screens) and plug-in sieves (protection strainers) are used temporarily in pipes to protect during initial start-up periods. They protect downstream plant components such as butterfly valves, valves, ball valves, and meters during the critical start-up phase against contamination with welding beads, metal chips, sealants, grease and other small parts. After the start-up period they can be removed. The sieves are also tasked to protect permanently sensitive fittings, pipes and industry plants.

Conical strainer Type H, plug-in strainer Type S to install between standard flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1 Form B1 / ANSI B 16.5.

  • Nominal diameter: DN25 – DN500, others on request
  • Nominal pressure: PN16, others on request
  • Perforated metal plate: stainless steel 1.4571
  • Wire mesh: stainless steel 1.4401
  • Mesh size: from 50 µm
  • Long life time and low pressure loss
  • Spare sieves & Replacement screens for pipes and industrial plants
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Perforated sheets with wire mesh, size: from 0,05 mm, hole wide from 1,5 mm, stainless steel

Industrial filters & Spare sieves for basket type strainers, mud flap and plants