Portfolio of the Industriefabrik

Automated valves

The Industriefabrik offers both electric and pneumatic automation solutions – also with pleasure with your own valves. 

  • Butterfly valve with electric / pneumatic drives
  • Ball valve with electric / pneumatic drives
  • Globe valve with electric / pneumatic drives
  • Plug valve, throttle, flue damper with electric / pneumatic drives



Heating jacket / double jacket for the valves

Custom-made and adapted to your needs heating jacket with welded stainless steel housings for:

  • 2-Way, 3-Way, 2-Piece, 3-Piece flanged ball valves and for weld ends
  • Ball valve in a block or compact design, plug valve, …
  • Check valve, control valve, globe valve, angle seat valve, …
  • Simplex strainers, basket strainers, special strainers, Y-type strainers, …
  • Double jacket, leakage jacket with welded stainless steel housings for standard valves, optional with connection of a sensor for emerging leaks


Valve constructions & Fittings modifications

Many valves are manufactured by the producers with limited features or supplied options. We use our experience and Know-how in order to expand the limits of use of standard valves.

  • Bypass for valves and strainers
  • Sealing systems change & modify
  • Flanging of ball valves, check valves, …
  • Position indicator, limit switch, drive installation for automated valves
  • Construction of customized fittings as flue gas dampers, butterfly valves, Y-filter made of stainless steel or other materials
  • Manufacturing of spindle and control shaft extension, adapter / blind adapter, reducers, mounting brackets, valve islands / magnetic valve block
  • Flange tongue / groove


Skid mounted Plants – Modular industrial equipment

We combine first-class industrial service and high-performance equipment construction. In sector of skid mounted plants / modular industrial equipment we offer you the production of industrial equipment in a modular design.

  • Piping units, Steam packages for the tire and rubber industry
  • High pressure pumping equipment, redundant pumping stations for the water management
  • Valve racks / Valve banks for the oil and gas industry
  • Dosing systems & Valve stands for the chemical industry


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