Spade flanges, Ring spacer, Spectacle blank disks

Spade flanges / Blank disks Type BS are tasked to temporary separation of pipes at maintenance works or pressure tests. They are clamped between two flanges. With spade flanges a section of a pipeline, industrial strainers or pressure vessels can be isolated from the rest of an industrial plant / pipeline network at times.

Operational area of a Ring spacer Type DS if is the limitation of the media stream / media flow. Ring spacer have the same design like Spade flanges however dispose of a bore of smaller nominal diameter.

Spectacle Blinds are applied to permanently separating pipesystems.

  • Material: Steel / Stainless steel
  • Optional: Design, bore, special materials according to customersh

spade flanges ring spacer spectacle blinds blank disks

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Spade flanges, Ring spacer, Spectacle blank disks for standard flanges

blank disks spade flange spectacle blank disks type ds bs