Spade flanges, Ring spacer, Spectacle blank disks

to install between standard flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1 Form B1 / ANSI B 16.5

  • to shut-off pipes or industrial plants at maintenance works
  • for pressure tests
  • limitation of media flow (Orifice plates Type DS)
  • design and material thickness individually according to customers


N.diameter: DN15 ... DN500; more on request
N.pressure: PN10 ... PN40; more on request
Material:  Steel / Stainless steel
Variants:  Single blinds / Blank disks / Spade flanges Type BS; Ring spacer Type LS; Orifice plates Type DS; Spectacle blinds flanges / Spectacle blank disks; Spcial material on request  

spade flanges ring spacer spectacle blinds type bs ds

spectacle blinds flange spectacle blank disks single blinds type bs ds


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