T type strainer / Tee strainers TF

T-type / Tee strainers (Protective strainers) are used to protect downstream plant parts such as valves, pumps and pipes. Their T-type design allows a direct installation into piping systems.

T-type strainers TF are obtainable in welded design made of steel / stainless steel. According to customer requirements the process connection can be equipped with flanges (DIN EN 1092-1/01; ANSI) or butt weld ends (DIN EN 12627). The mesh size of sieve inserts (sieve plates) with screen cloth or perforated plate are selectable from 0.05 mm depending on the particle size.

  • Design for vertical and horizontal position of installation
  • Easy cleaning of filter cartridges
  • Optional: drain connection / vent connection, differential pressure indicator, quick locks, cap-swivel mechanism with hinges, handles, lifting grommets, shut-off valves
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T-type strainers with flanges and welded connections

T-type strainer / Tee strainers Type TF - Schutzsiebe in T-Form